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About Us

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"Literoma" means "The Aroma of Literature". We started our journey way back in 2016 publishing our first ever anthology titled 'Social Networking Anthology'. With the passing of years, we have now grown up to be a literary community of more than 1600 members globally. We now help new authors by providing them a launch pad to get published internationally. Apart from that we also publish books (both paperback and digital) by seasoned authors, international anthologies, do book promotions, author branding & PR, and organize lit fests, conferences, webinars, book fairs, music concerts, talk shows, award ceremonies, literary events and many more. Our aim is to spread smile through literature. We are headquartered in Kolkata, India. Our books are available worldwide in US, UK and other leading nations.

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We are a team of 50+ publishers, printers, promoters, designers, editors and illustrators, growing everyday.

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