"Literoma" means "The Aroma of Literature". Our aim is to spread smiles through literature and creativity. 

We judge any creative piece (be it a book, short film, research article, photograph, audio story / poetry, art works or handicrafts) NOT by its sale-ability but quality.

We specialize in launching new and/or young authors internationally. Our team of marketing, branding & PR professionals enables the perfect exposure required to get established as an international writer. Already published authors also find us as a great publishing companion. 

#Literoma - Feel The Difference

We specialize in book publishing (paperback, audio books and eBooks), international anthologies, biographies & autobiographies, book promotions, author branding & PR, producing short films with a message, organizing events like press releases, lit fests, book fairs, short film festivals, audio carnivals, international conferences, award ceremoniescorporate trainings, webinars, music concerts, talk shows and many more.

Our books are available in PAN India and worldwide including US, UK, EU, Japan and other leading nations.

Literoma editorial team curates every creative piece like own baby. We NEVER ever treat creativity as "product or item of sale".

Our team of experts help writers to transform their scribbles to a professional manuscript so that when the book hits the market, it attracts quality readers and positive reviews. Our editors are always ready to mentor young writers at every step of publishing their first book.

Literoma takes all the pain of publishing their raw manuscripts to international quality book with ISBN, exclusive cover, good branding & PR, social media promotions, digital marketing, retail distribution PAN India and worldwide. 

We also recognize writers, women of virtue and creative luminaries through our 'Achiever Award', 'Literoma Laureates', 'Rising Stars' and 'Nari Samman' programs.

Who Are We?

We had started our journey way back in 2016. With the passing of years, we have now grown up to be a creative community of 2700+ members globally. Our members comprise of authors, writers, photographers, filmmakers, reviewers, artists, entrepreneurs, media persons, doctors, journalists, web designers, techies - one and all.

We are headquartered in Kolkata, India. Our books are available worldwide in US, UK, EU, Asia and other leading nations.

We are a team of 50+ publishers, printers, promoters, designers, editors and illustrators, growing everyday.

Join our Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/literomagroup/

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